Powerball is the fabulous lottery because it holds the record of the largest jackpot ever won in the world: in 2015, the three lucky ones shared one and a half-billion dollars. The winners were ordinary people with outstanding fates.

What Jackpots can be won with Powerball?

Even A-class celebrities play Powerball. For example, once the famous socialite beauty Kim Kardashian told her fans on the social network Twitter that she loved playing this particular game and asked them to wish her good luck. Other Hollywood stars, musicians, and athletes also enjoy playing Powerball.


Powerball is held twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays in the US state of Florida. The minimum jackpot is as much as $ 20,000,000! This amount increases with each draw by several million more if there’s no jackpot winner. The game rules are easy: you need to match five numbers out of 69 plus one number out of 26. In addition to the first prize, Powerball has eight more prize divisions. Non-Jackpot prizes can be increased 2-10 times by playing with the Powerplay option.


Can I play the Powerball Lotter in Nigeria?

A few years ago, sensational news spread around the world: 53-year-old Mavis Wanczyk scooped one of the world’s biggest prizes. 787.5 million were disposed of by the American state-run Powerball game. It’s hard to believe, but six numbers have forever changed the life of the Wanczyk family.

Mavis, the mother of two adult children, was engaged in routine work in the nursing department of the medical centre for 32 years. She has already notified her employer she would like to quit her job. The woman who came to claim her Jackpot dressed in a stretched duffle discovered a new unknown world: the world of freedom and luxury. Now she is finally happy.

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