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Types of bets on the English Premier League


As betting on football grows from strength to strength as does the opportunity to bet on more outcomes does. Some online bookmakers can offer as many as 154 different markets for a single match. This gives a great opportunity to those betting online and betting live the chance to cash in on more results than ever before. Online Betting Nigeria has reviewed as many online bookmakers for you so you know who has the best odds, or the most markets for you to bet on. The more markets, the more chance to make cash!


Betting Markets


Out of the hundreds of betting markets available there are some which provide excellent odds, especially when betting on the English Premier League. Here at Online Betting Nigeria, we will try and give you the best information of what to bet on and how to beat the bookies.


Both Team to Score and Match Result


This market is what it says on the tin, unlike some other markets. You are looking for a match that both teams provide an attacking threat, whilst are prone to conceding a goal. For Online Betting Nigeria, the English Championship is the best place to use this online market. There are 13% more goals in the Championship than the Premiership per game so more likely of getting a winning result.


If you are to build an online accumulator selecting three of this markets will boost your odds significantly and therefore you profit.


Over 2.5 goals


I know what you’re thinking, ‘how can there be 2.5 goals in a game?’. Ironically this is the online bookmaker’s way of being clear with their odds and the online bets that are placed. Total goals for a football match can never be 2.5. So when you see a 1.5 goals or 2.5 goals think the closest full number to it. So ‘over 2.5 goals’ means there’s going to be 3 goals in the game or more.


Betting on over 2.5 goals is a good way to boost the odds of your online accumulator. Simply research the previous meetings of a team and see how many goals there have been. Check the current form of the team and if there any injuries to key players. There are certain teams in the premier league who generally will produce a lot of goals.


For our previous bets at Online Betting Nigeria have been Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United and particularly Bournemouth. Bournemouth FC were being arguably the most entertaining team in the Premier League last season. There were more goals involving Bournemouth than any other fixture last season.


Over 1.5 goals


Betting on over 1.5 goals you will get more correct generally, but the odds can be significantly lower. Our approach is to place a higher bet on the smaller odds markets such as this. Again it is all about the research that you do and sticking to the plan. Football is a beautiful game and it keeps us on the edge of our seats, but form and history has a lot to play when placing your bets. A poor defence will always make mistakes and a good attack will always create chances. If you get these right in an accumulator you are going to be in for major winnings over the season.


Both teams to score in both halves


This market has been highly profitable in some cases last season. You are aiming for there to be at least four goals in total in the game and for an open attacking game. We look for a match which both team have a poor defensive record and a good attacking threat. If you follow the historical results of the fixtures you will be on for a winner. Manchester United were a team to avoid last season. None of their premier league games produced this result. Jose Mourinho sets his team up to be very defensive and the break on the counter attack.


Asian Handicap


For us this is the most under used market that can benefit your odds. Last season a Nigerian player won over three thousand dollars in an accumulator using the Asian handicap. You are basically saying, team A is so good they can start with a deficit and still win.


Chelsea -1 means that they have to win 2-0 at least for you to take the winnings. We use this method for the first rounds of the FA cup and the preseason friendlies. These fixtures you will generally see the favourite will by a large margin and see you gain large profits.


Online Accumulator


The win-draw-win is the most used accumulator bet slip. Nigerians all over the world place huge accumulators with the hope of bagging themselves thousands of dollars. Along with our Euro Millions free draw, we provide weekly free tips for all Nigerian players. We send an email out with our top picks for the weekend. You can keep track on our results page and track the profit that we accumulate through the season.


Make sure that you check out our free tips page. We look through all the best bets for the week and provide the online odds. You can search through our best online bookmaker review and see which online bookie is best for you.


We look at the odds and the free tips section will hopefully give you some good wins, but also lessons. What to look out for. Online betting opportunities and where you can find value.



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