Online Lotto Nigeria

Online Lotto Nigeria –  is legalized and regulated gaming so all winnings are safe and secure. The idea is to pick your numbers and for them to match the draw for your chance of winning millions. Some governments outlaw the lottery for some states, but it’s fully legal to play Lotto Nigeria. The stakes are fairly small for the winnings that can be had. You can play with stakes as low as N20 all the way to N100 for the highest rewarding games. It is a global phenomenon and as long as you play for fun then you can’t lose.

Lotto is fun and it goes without saying that it can benefit all involved. Lotto was first invented to aid the development of the country that ran it. It is well known that the Great Wall of China was built off the state-funded national lotto of China. The state Lotto of Nigeria and funding will go into Nigeria itself, maybe not to build a wall, but other defenses and state funding will benefit.

82% of South Africans play the lotto! It’s a great pastime that is enjoyed by all of Africa! In 2012 the state-funded lottery shared funds to the country was in the region of N141.3 Billion! The funds of the state lotto were also used in Niger where they were used to build boreholes to fight against desert encroachment.

The National Lottery Act of 2000 has aided the Nigerian social economic potential. This was established by the National Lottery Regulation Commission or known in Nigeria as NLRC. This was set out to legally enforce the rules of the games. ‘Lottery’, ‘lotteries’ or ‘lotto’ include all and any game, agreement, plan, promotional competition or device for the distribution of prizes by chance or lot.

Lotto Nigeria Rule Behind the Games

Lotto Nigeria: playing online is gaining wider and wider acceptance. This is partly down to the huge winnings of the lotto Nigeria and the Nigerian people. It’s getting almost as big as football in the county! The backing by the Nigerian Government has added weight to the safety of playing both in shops and online. Being able to play online has grown rapidly over the past few years.

The Lotto or Lottery has game fully employed thousands of Nigerians in the country. It has also opened up many more opportunities for the people of Nigeria.

There are many unconfirmed reports on the value of the lotto industry worldwide. The figure is usually around $70 billion. The estimates for how much Nigerians spend on betting is on average N154bn daily. The lotto or lottery makes up 7.5 million and about 22 million on sports betting. This is due to vastly increase in the ease and growth in popularity of gaming apps.

The lotto in Nigeria is run weekly. A lottery game that has two draws a week, one Saturday, and one midweek draw on Wednesday. The Lotto is a run and was produced by the National Sports Lottery or the NSL plc. Both of the jackpots can reach in excess of N5 million. Something at all Nigerians across the country wants to get their hands on! To play the lottery we have put together some rules and the things you need to do to be successful.

To be in with a chance of winning the lottery in Nigeria you have to select six numbers which cover 1 to 49. Now in the face of things you might be thinking that it’s impossible to hit all the numbers! This is true, but this is the reason the lotto winnings are so high! But if you are able to match three, four, or five numbers you are still in with a chance of scooping some cash. This is the case with all Nigerian lotto draws. Whether is the Wednesday lottery or the Saturday lottery.

The Nigerian National Lottery is still growing and has come a long way in recent years. Being able to use the sports terminals in locations for as little as N50. Nigerians are more and more likely to be buying their lotto tickets on their phones using their mobile.

SMS Lotto Nigeria

Being able to play the Nigerian Lotto with your mobile phone on SMS is huge! The ability to play by SMS has generated N150 billion in revenue, but this will double to N300 billion in the coming years. All of which will be generated for the federal government bank to assist with the continued development of Nigeria.

Another way of winning big on your mobile is with SLOTS MAGIC a great online casino that pays out millions each month!

World Wide Lotto

The winnings for us here in Nigeria are huge, the winnings for the UK and the rest of the world are out of this world! We are able to play these lotteries on some sites. Essentially, we buy the tickets from the website and they then buy the ticket.

Every week at least 5 new millionaires are created in the UK with their online UK lottery. If you want to place a bet with you can do it with the World Lottery Club. If you want to play Euro Millions or the US Power Ball. You are able to play lotteries from all over the world and win big! You are able to set up automatic tickets so you won’t forget to buy them! Our advice would be to pick your lucky numbers then set up automatic tickets purchase. This way you won’t miss out on that all-important win!

The last thing you want to do is miss out on the mega millions win. Lotto Nigeria: Playing can be very rewarding and can be a beautiful thing if played correctly!

Online Lotto Nigeria Winner

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