How to Spot the Best Bonus offers

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How to Spot the Best Bonus offers

Although virtually all the bookmakers in Nigeria offer tempting bonuses to punters, though many are just bait set by bookmakers to trap you. But some are outstanding bonuses which can be exploited to your advantage. You can quickly identify an excellent bonus offer based on the following attributes:

Bonus amount:

As a punter, you’ll have to consider the bonus amount before concluding it is worth using. A small bonus in the face of an oppressive requirement can be a time-waster. The more considerable the bonus amount, the more worthwhile it becomes. Hence, it is paramount for a customer to compare before considering the bonus offered by some bookies in Nigeria.

Rollover requirement:

Many Nigerian players fail to spot the rollover requirement to tag specific bonuses. Bookmakers do an excellent job of keeping such from the spotlight or open to everybody to see. Before confirming if a bonus is worth considering, you’ll need to check the numbers of times you have to bet with the bonus offred before you can withdraw such a fund; if it is much, then it’s not worth it. The more often you have to stake the bonus, the higher the chance of losing everything. For example, if operator A requires you to roll over the welcome bonus about ten times before a player can withdraw money won.

Minimum Odds:

Bookmakers also attach a minimum odds requirement to bonus offers, which tends to increase the risk chance associated with the use of such bonus offers. A punter should be wary of bonuses that require a considerable minimum odds as you are likely to lose the bonus and your stake. A player should opt for bonuses with small minimum odds to increase your chance of winning a bet.

Timeframe (Period):

Bookmakers often set a period meaning they tend to attach a timeline for customers to utilize bonus offers; else, it’s rendered irredeemable. Players should only settle for bonuses with a lengthy deadline to avoid making a quick decision, which could end up badly.

Bottom line:

It is quite fascinating that today, several bookmakers in Nigeria’s gaming space offer bonus offers to new and existing customers to take advantage. Still, frankly, many bookmakers set an outrageous T&C for bonus offers, which are quite difficult for customers, which is one reason we coined this article for you to decide which bonus offer is best for you.