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The best Betting Markets Nigeria has to offer will always come with a free bet of some sort. If it doesn’t then you don’t really want to play there. They will give you a reward on your deposit. Online Betting in Nigeria has come a long way, but there are still some areas players don’t understand. We will go through some of the basics that can earn you that all-important win!

If will take you a few minutes to learn and can end up earning your thousands. SureBet247 is a great online bookmaker that offers all the markets you need. When it comes to the odds you might want to bet on a European online bookmaker.

Types of bets on the Premier League

What Markets to Bet On

Both Teams to Score 

Over 2.5 Goals

Over 1.5 Goals

Both Teams to Score in both halves

Asian Handicap

Online Accumulator

Best Betting Markets Nigeria: Bets on the English Premier League

As online betting in Nigeria grows, so does the interest in the English Premier League. The interest comes largely from Nigerian bets being placed on the Premier League matches. There are an ever-growing about of markets for Nigerians to bet on every day!

There are many welcome offers for new Nigerian players at the big online bookmakers. Usually, they are on the English Premier League as they know that Nigerians love to bet on the vast range of markets.

Betting Markets        

For Betting Markets Nigeria – players there are now literally thousands of betting markets to take advantage of. The top online bookmakers for Premier League games there will be over 167 markets just for one match! They will cover thousands of markets for you to bet on. Online Betting Nigeria will take you through all the options, the free bets and where’s best to place them. You will never run out of online markets.

Online Betting Nigeria will aim to give you a comprehensive breakdown of betting markets for you to take advantage of below:

Both Team to Score and Match Result

For this market, it is very simple. You are betting on both teams scoring at least one goal for the bet to come off. It’s a popular market to bet on so you should be able to find it easily. The best guidance we offer is to study form and look at the teams playing. If there are injuries in the defense especially there will be goals. Or if there is a team that defends well, like Manchester United, betting that both teams won’t score is a good bet.

If you look at the championship, there are 14% more goals in that league so using this market is a great option. If you look at a great team like Leeds United, you know they will always score and win.

Online Betting Nigeria – Over 2.5 goals

This market is where a lot of confusion around betting occurs. How is it possible to have 2.5 goals?! This basically means will there be 3 goals or more. To get rid of any confusion, online bookmakers use 2.5 goals as this is impossible to achieve. They also use 0.5, 1.5, and so on.

Online Betting Nigeria always looks at the form and a team line up before selecting this market. If there’s a team in form against a team of a lower division or a team that is obviously weaker than the other this is a great market to bet on.

By putting this selection in an accumulator it can significantly boost the odds of the outcome. Online Betting Nigeria likes to put the following teams in our accumulator as they tend to score a lot of goals in their fixtures. So the Best Betting Markets in Nigeria need to include: Arsenal, Chelsea Bournemouth, and Tottenham. In particular, Bournemouth tends to concede and score a lot of goals in their fixtures.

Betting Markets – Both teams to score in both halves 

By far this is Online Betting Nigeria’s favorite market. The odds are huge and you can expect some great returns for very little outlay. The market explains itself; you need both teams to score at least one goal in each half for this bet to win. We look for a game that is going to be very attacking from both teams who don’t have a great defense. Online odds are always very generous in this market and for a small outlay, you can get massive returns.

If Betting Markets aren’t your thing and you prefer the spin of a wheel – check out our ONLINE CASINO REVIEW page!

Asian Handicap

Online Betting Nigeria has been using this method for a very long time now. Basically explained, Asian Handicap is giving one team a head start. Asian Handicap is used with Ruby in almost every game as the teams are very often so unevenly distributed.

So explained in simple terms; Manchester United -1 means that they have to win by 2 goals or more for the bet to come in. It can also be broken down to 0.5 goals. So -0.5 goals mean that the team has to win by one goal or more. If you think that a game is going to be close, you can bet on +0.5 so that if the game is a draw, you will take the winnings.

Online Betting Nigeria have won some big bets using the Asian Handicap market. Take the English FA Cup, for example, there are some big teams against very low opposition. Betting on Manchester United -3 to beat a lower-placed team will give you great odds. For full checks on what sports offers we have, our home page will help you out.

Online Betting Nigeria – Online Accumulator

The simplest and a bet that we here at Online Betting Nigeria use the most. It’s where You put as many selections into one bet. If they all come in then you win the jackpot! But it only takes one to let you down to ruin the bet.

You can mix and match all of the above markets to make one big online accumulator. The odds will be through the roof, but means so will your winnings if the best comes off! Online Betting Nigeria – our advice would be to build one online accumulator a week with high odds, but only place $1. Just like playing the Online Lotto, it only takes one ticket to win the jackpot!

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