Online Gambling in Nigeria: The main factors that are driving phenomenal growth in our country?

Online Betting Nigeria

Online Gambling in Nigeria: Over the past years online gambling with casinos and sports books has exploded. The entire world going back since time began gambled in one way or another. The origins of gambling we to introduce an added taxation for the governments financial gain. But this is not the world we live in today…but we move away from the growth part for online betting players in Nigeria.

There are a few key points in which we will review to see where the main growth has come from:

Online Gambling in Nigeria: The English Premier League

There’s has been comparable growth of online gambling in Nigeria and the English Premier League. Both have experienced rapid growth. Not only in the UK, but across the world, especially with the .

The English Premier League has become a brand to itself. With the growth of its popularity, betting operators saw this as an opportunity to jump on the back of it. When you think of it, gambling and sports have gone hand in hand for years!

The popularity of the football in Nigeria is just as big as anywhere on the planet. So the growth of gambling has gone with it. Online Sports books and online casinos thrive on new player acquisition. The further that the English Premier League reaches the better, it means more online betting players for the online bookies and online casinos.


With some online betting companies, the amounts of betting markets to place a bet on is phenomenal. The average English Premier League match will have 280 different betting markets to choose from.

Online Gambling in Nigeria can be very difficult so check out all you need to know in SPORTS BETTING page.

Online Gambling Nigeria: The growth of the mobile phone

The development of Nigeria’s infrastructure has seen the mobile phone be the normal form of communications. Other parts of the world had to erect millions of miles of phone wires to connect each other. Here in Nigeria we just went straight to mobile phone devices.

Now…online bookmakers have worked out how you place your bet or play at their online casino. Whether you’re playing on your phone or on your home computer. They have worked out that if you play on your mobile phone you will play with them more often. So with Nigeria only really having mobile phones and a massive appetite for placing online bets on the English Premier League, the inevitable has happened: Online Gambling in Nigeria has seen exponential grown.

When placing bets on your mobile phone, you can literally do it anywhere. When you are ridding the train to work you can play at any of the hundreds of online casinos. You can get extra bonuses if you place your bets on your phone. This means more chance of winning cash online! If you’re looking for the best online casino review or the best online sports book review, check out our pages.

Online Gambling in Nigeria: Winning cash online

It’s not something that is specific to Nigerians betting online. But something that the world has become obsessed with. The world wants something for free, quick and easy. This is where online gambling comes in and has taken full advantage. Online Lotteries has come into the spotlight over the past years and is something that all Nigerians love to play online.

Online Gambling in Nigeria can be fun and is something that millions of Nigerians do, but making sure that you are playing within your means is the key part. You have to make sure that the cash that you are willing to bet with, is something that you are willing to lose. The spin of the wheel or the draw of a card can go many ways. Betting on football is one of the most popular past times, but is the most unpredictable. There’s hundreds of millions to be won in this amazing industry, but you need to make sure you are playing is a safe environment.

In essence the growth of the gambling industry for Nigerian’s is down to a few things, but the timing of everything coming together is the key. The Nigerian government are now in a position to make some interesting calls of how they will protect the betting public and the taxation that they will receive from the online bookmakers. The world is watching as online gambling in Nigeria and the rest of Africa in terms of what the regulation will enforce.

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